Surge Protectors

How Do Whole Home Surge Protectors Work?

  • Whole home surge protectors can protect your wiring from internal and external power surges. Whole house surge protectors are similar to individual small appliance surge protectors.
  • Power surges can eventually cause wear and tear on your appliances, and pose a danger to your electrical wiring. Protecting your electrical work from power surges is crucial for maintaining safety in your home.
  • At Grillo Service Solutions our professional, experienced service expert electricians install the surge protector at the main service panel in your home in order to protect all main electrical service boxes and large appliances throughout your home.
  • Though our high powered whole house surge protectors are designed to protect all major appliances, we often encourage our customers to use individual power strips to complement the whole home surge protector. While this is not required, it will help provide extra protection.

Repair and Maintenance of Your Surge Protector

  • Grillo Service Solutions not only installs high quality surge protectors, but we also provide maintenance services for customers throughout the surrounding areas.
  • In order to lengthen the life of your surge protector, it is crucial to proactively maintain it. Regular tune ups and maintenance will result in a longer-lasting product that will protect your home for years to come.
  • Does it appear that your surge protector needs a replacement? Our experienced service electricians are happy to replace your surge protector and maintain safety in your home. Even if we did not initially install your whole home surge protector, you can call on Grillo Service Solutions, Inc for high quality electrical repair services when you need them most.

Do you need help with surge protectors?

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