Electrical Panel Upgrades

Why Your Home Could Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade.

Plenty of Franklin homes are not brand new. If you're trying to remodel and your electrical panel is out of date, it could cause some serious problems when remodeling. Have you noticed rust, white residue on your circuit breakers or water coming from the bottom of your electrical panel? Any of these signs of damage mean that you need electrical service by one of Grillo Service Solutions service experts. If you want to upgrade any electrical appliances or fixtures, they may require a newer circuit panel with more power. We at Grillo Service Solutions, Inc can make sure you can handle the new power demands and keep your home safe with a full electrical panel upgrade.

Flickering lights, tripped breakers and frayed wiring are tell-tale signs of needing an upgrade. If you have power outlets that are two-pronged, it's also a good sign you need to get your panel and home inspected. Letting these issues go unaddressed can cause fire hazards. This is not simply a matter of being up-to-date, it's about safety. If there's a problem, let Grillo Service Solutions electrical service experts look at your situation so that we can be repair, replace or upgrade your electrical service.

Do you need help with electrical panel upgrades?

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